ISCAR's new MULTI-MASTER interchangeable endmill heads with a 32 mm diameter.

  • The new heads utilize advantageous CHATTERFREE geometry and feature a variable helix and an unequal tooth pitch.
  • The heads are intended for a wide spectrum of operations, providing stable cutting at high material removal rates (MRR) both in rough and finish milling.
  • The material used is TiAlN PVD coated carbide grade IC908 with a submicron substrate.

The heads are available in two types:
  1. Five-flute heads MM ECK320H38R4-5T21 908 with 36°/38° helix that feature 4 and 5 mm corner radii correspondingly.
    The heads are designed mainly for machining titanium alloys, but may be applied to milling difficult-to-cut high-temperature ISO S materials as well.
  2. Four-flute head MM EC320H38C06-4T21 908 with 36°/40° helix for machining mainly ISO P materials (steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel).

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