MULTI-MASTER Barrel-Shaped Milling Heads


MULTI-MASTER precise barrel-shaped milling heads feature a cutting edge segment of a large diameter arc. As the cutting edge shape of these heads is reminiscent of a barrel profile, the heads are often referred to as a "barrel milling head".

There are several types of barrel heads. The typical ones are the lens type with a barrel-profile face and an oval type with a barrel-shaped periphery.

Barrel-shaped heads are intended for finishing and semi-finishing of 3D surfaces with low stock removal, mainly on 5-axis machine tools.

  • Reduces the number of cuts, thus diminishing the process time.
  • Ensures a much smoother surface.
  • The large radius geometry in the cutting zone increases the axial depth of cut for the oval heads and the radial depth of cut for the lens head, thus significantly improving the surface finish, and decreasing the number of passes when compared with machining with ball-nose or toroidal tools.

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