HELIPLUS is an extension of the HELI2000 family. The rigid and double screw-clamping method of the HELIPLUS insert features a high helix sharp cutting edge, which in turn provides FMR (Fast Metal Removal). HELIPLUS milling cutters can be used for very steep helical interpolations for penetration into deep cavities.
An additional line of tools and inserts related to the HELIPLUS family is the HELIPLUS 07, which is a small insert with 7 mm length helical cutting edge.

  • Screw clamping
  • High helix sharp cutting
  • Exerts low force
  • High surface finish
  • Two clamping holes for very secure clamping
  • 2 helical long cutting edges
  • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
  • Suitable for steel, stainless and cast iron
  • For roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications

Operation capability:

Diameter range: <
  • Metric: 10-100 mm
  • Imperial: 0.38-4"

Insert sizes: 07, 19, 22 mm

  • IC330
  • IC808
  • IC810
  • IC830
  • IC4100
  • IC5400
  • DT7150

For more information about the HELIPLUS line, click here.

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