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ISCAR supplies a dynamic comprehensive line of precision carbide
metalworking tools to major industries throughout the world.
Specialists for each major industry work together in their
respective divisions to enable each group to concentrate on its
own area of expertise to resolve that industrial segment's own
unique machining problems. The local specialist is also available for
customer on-site assistance. Many innovative products, designed
specially for customer requirements, have made ISCAR a world
leader in the major manufacturing industries such as automotive,
aerospace and die & mold production.

ISCAR Gurantees Results

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Standard and special tools
for producing metal and
plastic types of medical
ISCAR develops standard
and specially tailored tools
for machining precision bearing
components for the major
relevant industries.
ISCAR is committed to the
ongoing development of
state-of-the-art cutting
tools and machining
methods suitable for the
advancement of new windmill
technologies and components.
Specially formulated carbide
grades, ideal for machining
titanium, aluminum and
nickel-based alloys found in
engine and fuselage parts.

Specially designed tools for
ship building, large turbine
generators and large
gear parts.
A wide range of inserts and tools
designed for equipping
contemporary machining centers.
Highly accurate tools
dedicated to machining complicated shapes,
curves and deep cavities
at very high feeds and speeds.
Innovative tooling solutions for machining engine blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, disk brakes and other automotive parts.
Standard and special tools
for producing metal and
plastic types
of medical implants.
Complete solutions with ISCAR's advanced designs for
power generation parts.
ISCAR's heavy machinery
expertise includes large
scale mill cutters with
the latest grades for
machining railway tracks,
switchers and separators,
together with new and
re-turning rail wheel