IMTS 2014 was a great success with 114,147 participants!

IMTS is the ultimate forum for attendees to see what’s new and for the exhibitors to offer solutions that address today’s challenges.

This was the fourth largest IMTS in history and the largest six-day show ever, with registration of 114,147 visitors representing 112 countries. This was a 13.9 percent increase over IMTS 2012. IMTS covered more than 1.282 million net square feet of exhibit space and hosted 2,035 exhibiting companies.

The ISCAR booth exhibited tooling that facilitates what we call “Machining Intelligently”. SUMOGUN, DOVE IQ TURN, FLASHTURN, HELIMILL 390, HELIDO 690, and DOVE IQ DRILL were among some of the tools on display. These tooling innovations feature ‘intelligent’ design to allow for more aggressive machining parameters and increased tool/insert security. By using clever dovetailed pocketing techniques that capture the insert more completely, forces on screws are reduced. Innovative geometry and pressing techniques allow for an increased number of cutting edges to improve “per edge” economics. The human engineering or usability is also addressed with simplified indexing and “one way fit” design to eliminate human error when refreshing the tool on the machine. Fast indexing is also emphasized with the new designs to improve machine uptime.

Nothing beats a live, attention-getting cutting demo on the show floor. ISCAR’s booth revisited a part-off demonstration that first debuted in IMTS 1994. This hourly demonstration showed off TANG-GRIP, the latest generation part-off system. TANG-GRIP is a single-sided insert with a unique shape and pocketing technology to further improve insert security and tool rigidity, yet maintaining the simplicity of use. With a small lathe and railroad rail as the workpiece, ISCAR commenced to part-off again and again with the same tool. No tool damage or excessive wear was experienced. The rail material creates challenges in that the interruption is severe because the workpiece cross sectional area varies, creating difficult cutting conditions that would cause most tools to fail. The demonstration also involved grooving a sledge hammer head. Just like the railroad rail, the sledge hammer head is also very difficult to machine. The cut is extremely interrupted and the material has a hardness variation of between 30 to 50 HRc. The demonstration parameters were 350 SFM @ 0.004 IPR.

The manufacturing renaissance in the USA is driving the need to make products faster, better and more profitable. IMTS 2014 was a success for ISCAR; booth W-1800 was visited by thousands who enjoyed the hospitality which was extended on behalf of the ISCAR Metals’ team of dedicated employees, as well as fantastic performances by the trio of classical musicians and dancers. ISCAR looks forward to seeing you at IMTS 2016!