About MATRIX Series 5

Completely redesigned to give you more bin capacity but with less space taken up in your shop. The MATRIX is your total management system to control inventory, streamline purchasing and drive down costs.
MATRIX combines the most innovative automated tool dispenser with MATRIX-TM, a powerful management software. Access to an item stored in MATRIX's locked bins is electronically controlled by the management software according to pre-defined authorizations.


Flexibility is the key to any storage solution, and MATRIX excels. Modular drawer and bin configurations can be swapped out for different bins.Giving you infinite drawer configurations of your choice. Add-on cabinets are connected with a click of a cable. Multiple cabinets can be deployed in different locations and networked to run from one common database. This is a truly modular system with the possibility to grow as your needs change.Drawers can be added as you and your inventory grow. MATRIX technology includes: *Patented locking system, *Touchscreen, *Plug & play "smart" electronics, *Ergonomic design, *Remote diagnostics.

  • Double security - each drawer and bin is locked to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Computer and electronic components are accessible from the front.
  • Easy forklift transport.
  • Manual override, so your production never stops even in cases of power failure.
  • Barcode reader for quick and reliable issuing.
  • 26 Languages available. Click here for the list.

  • Suitable for small organizations as well as large enterprises.
  • Modular bins for added versatility.
  • Manages multiple sites.
  • Items, cabinets and sites all in one database.
  • Reporting of tools used, to drive down production costs.
  • Regulates user access to items per authorization groups and budgets.
  • Reduces downtime - the sophisticated planning engine ensures that needed items will be at the location of use, on time.
  • Easy to use - fast learning curve. User friendly interface.
  • Cuts your tool inventory and management costs.
  • Each drawer can hold up to 110 pounds of tooling.
  • The Matrix can be accessed by Keypad or Your Choice of ID Card or Badge. We use your cards. No need to re-card your employees.
    • Bar Code Reader (Included)
    • Magnetic-Stripe Reader
    • Proximity Card Reader
    • Biometric Fingerprint ID Reader