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MILLING Title Version Available Movie Date
001 SOLIDMILL premium line. ECD-S2. Chamfering and Spot Drilling Solid Carbide Tools 01/2014
003 ECK-H4M-CFR New CHATTERFREE Solid Carbide Endmills for Machining Titanium with High Removal Rates 01/2014
006 PLUNGING LINE. HTP LNAR …. FR-P IC07 for machining aluminum and HTP LNMT …. ER pressed to size utility inserts.   02/2014
007 HELIDO 600 UPFEED LINE. Fast and Moderate Feed Milling Cutters Carrying H600 WXCU 07…Insert.   02/2014
008 MULTI MASTER. MM EFCB Interchangeable Solid Carbide Heads, for Flat Counter Boring 02/2014
009 EC-H-CF New CHATTERFREE Solid Carbide Endmills for High Speed/Trochoidal and Finishing Operations 02/2014
010 New Sizes of MINI-TANGSLOT Grooving and Slitting Cutters with FLEXFIT Adaptation 02/2014
011 Ball Nose Endmills with Variable Pitch for Machining Hard Materials 02/2014
012 Upgrading the Popular HELIOCTO Line with HOF-R06, a New Family of Indexable Milling Tools   03/2014
013 MULTI-MASTER HSK DIN69893 A63 and DIN 69871 40 Integral Tapered Shanks. 04/2014
014 Expansion of the HELIIQMILL 390 Line with Tools Carrying 19 mm Long Inserts   06/2014
015 ISCAR is further expanding the MILLTHREAD line with new product families, new items in existing families and a new grade. 04/2014
018 MULTI-MASTER New Four Flute Milling Heads for Aluminum 08/2014
020 Expansion of the MM EC-CF MULTI-MASTER / CHATTERFREE Family 08/2014
025 Solid Endmills with Unique Cutting Edge Design for Efficient CFRP Machining   08/2014
027 Expansion of ECK-H4M-CFR CHATTERFREE Solid Carbide Endmills for Machining Titanium with High Removal Rates 08/2014
028 HELITANG T490LINE • FLEXFIT New Tools Featuring the FLEXFIT Adaptation 10/2014
030 Expansion of the MILLSHRED P290 Line   10/2014
032 Economical Family of Solid Carbide Endmills 10/2014
033 New Economical Solution for High Efficiency Milling 10/2014

TURNING Title Version Available Movie Date
002 DOVE IQ TURN. ISCAR’s Innovative Clamping System for Rough Turning   01/2014
026 New Boring Bars with Coolant Channels and New Small Size Inserts for Miniature Internal Turning Dmin=4.5mm 08/2014

FACE GROOVING Title Version Available Movie Date
004 HELIFACE. HFPN 2 mm (.079") Face Grooving and Turning Insert   01/2014
016 PENTACUT. New P-Type Chipformer on PENTA 24 Inserts for Miniature Parts.   04/2014

HOLE MAKING Title Version Available Movie Date
005 ISCAR-UNITAC. Deep Hole Drilling Heads Featuring Upgraded Accuracy   01/2014
019 FCP Flat SUMOCHAM Drilling Heads with Additional 0.1 mm Diameter Increment Sizes   08/2014
021 Expansion of the SUMOCHAM Drilling Line with Diameters 26 – 32.9 mm   08/2014
024 HCP-IQ SUMOCHAM Self-Centering Drilling Heads   08/2014

PARTING Title Version Available Movie Date
022 PENTA 24 Inserts with C-Type Chipformer   08/2014
031 DO-GRIP. Expanded Range of DGN XL Parting Inserts Family   10/2014

TOOLHOLDERS Title Version Available Movie Date
023 SPINJET Coolant-Driven HSM Spindles 20K, 30K, 40K RPM for Small Diameter Tools 08/2014

MILLING Title Version Available Movie Date
003 OXMT 0507R08-FF and RXMT 1607N Inserts Expand HELIDO Application Options   01/2013
004 Expansion of the MILLSHRED Family with 10 mm Inserts 01/2013
005 New Profile Milling Heads with MULTI-MASTER T15 Adaptation 02/2013
007 SD-SP15 New T-Slot Cutters with a Unique Spline Connection   02/2013
012 CHATTERFREE and Chip Splitting Solid Carbide Endmills with Central Coolant Hole for Machining Aluminum 04/2013
014 New fixed torque screw drivers for optimal tightening of insert clamping screws, for best indexable tool and insert performance.   06/2013
020 FDN-XN13 Efficient Full Slot Milling Cutters Carrying Square Inserts with 8 Cutting Edges 06/2013
021 Another Expansion of the MULTI-MASTER Product Range   06/2013
025 Expansion of the HELIIQMILL 390 Line with Tools Carrying 07 mm Edged Inserts   06/2013
027 EPN-F Solid Endmills for Machining CFRP and Honeycomb Parts 07/2013
032 New extended flute endmill with DIN69871 and BT50 tapered shanks, carrying FIN LNAT 1604PN-R tangentially clamped inserts, for semi-finishing and finishing of long shoulders. 09/2013
034 A New Family of Double-Sided Triangular Inserts with 6 Helical Cutting Edges, 90° shoulder   09/2013
036 New Opportunities for Efficient Face Milling by Expanding the DOVEIQMILL 845 LINE   09/2013
038 Addition of corner radii 1.6, 2.4, and 3.2 mm to the HM390 TDKT 1505...PDR insert family, expanding its application range.   10/2013
039 Balanced 4 Flute CHATTERFREE Solid Carbide Endmills for Machining Aluminum 10/2013
041 Expansion of the HSM90S-14 Product Line   10/2013
042 EPX Endmills with Right- and Left-hand Helix Angles for Machining CFRP Composites   10/2013
043 Highly Productive Half-Side and Face-Disk Milling Cutters Carrying HELIDO S890 SNMU 1305… Inserts 10/2013
044 Solid Carbide Endmills with Coolant Holes for Machining Aluminum 10/2013
050 Expansion of the HELIIQMILL 390 Line with New Tools and Inserts 12/2013
051 New Combination Insert of FEEDMILL and HELIPLUS 07   12/2013
053 Expansion of HELITANG T490 Modular Extended Flute Cutters   12/2013
055 MM EPG. Single-Flute MULTI-MASTER Engraving Tool Head 12/2013
061 HELITANG Conical Extended Flute Cutters 12/2013
062 New Extended Flute HELITANG T490-08 Cutters 10/2013
064 Additional HELIALU HSM90S-14 Tools with Integral HSK-FM Shanks 12/2013

TURNING Title Version Available Movie Date
017 Expanding the Family with JHP SWISSTURN Toolholders   06/2013
018 YNMG - a New 25º Rhombic Negative Insert   06/2013
026 Highly Rigid Profiling Tools for Accurate Contours   07/2013
048 ISCAR is introducing 3 new chipformers: F3P, M3P and R3P for finishing medium and rough turning of steel.   11/2013
049 IC830 New Grade for ISOTURN Inserts   12/2013
054 NEW Tangential Insert for Up to 35 mm Depth of Cut   12/2013

FACE GROOVING Title Version Available Movie Date
002 TANG-GRIP inserts with chipformers for best face grooving performance on stainless steel (ISO M) and for alloyed steel (ISO P) materials   01/2013
019 Square shank MINCUT tools with high pressure coolant holes, for face grooving and turning applications 06/2013

PARTING Title Version Available Movie Date
001 TANG-GRIP and DO-GRIP Parting Inserts with New Chipformers and Grade IC5400 for Stainless Steel   01/2013
008 ISCAR is expanding the PENTACUT 34 adapter options by adding reinforced configuration adapters.   02/2013
011 PENTACUT 34 Insert Family Expanded with J-Type Chipformer   03/2013
013 Flat Top Economical Blades with 4 Pockets and Shank Tools with 2 Pockets   04/2013
016 DO-GRIP 2 mm (.079”) wide, 32 mm (2.36”) long inserts for parting off up to 60 mm diameters.   06/2013
022 The DO-CUT, a new high productivity parting line featuring double-ended insert geometry (not twisted).   06/2013
028 Expansion of the TANG-GRIP Line with 1.6 mm Inserts and Tools   07/2013
037 Upgrading the SELF-GRIP Parting System 10/2013

GROOVE TURN Title Version Available Movie Date
006 Expansion of the SUMO-GRIP Line   02/2013
009 Extended Application Range of HGAIR/L & HFAIR/L Face Grooving Adapters   02/2013
010 New TIGER-IQ Heavy Duty Grooving Tools and Inserts   03/2013
029 New Fixed Edge Location System for Machining Aluminum Wheels 07/2013
030 ISCAR is upgrading the SWISSCUT line. The new inserts feature an innovative oval-shaped hole that enables 2 important improvements.   08/2013
045 GHSR\L-JHP-SL Grooving and Turning Tools with User-Friendly Side Clamping Mechanism and High Pressure Coolant   10/2013

HOLE MAKING Title Version Available Movie Date
023 New HD Chipbreaker for Drilling Low Carbon Steel   06/2013
024 MTR Reamers for High Speed Reaming 07/2013
031 The only gundrill in the market with indexable inserts, featuring two cutting edges (fully effective). Much more productive than traditional brazed tip gundrills. The drill carries standard SUMOCHAM inserts 09/2013
040 New Carbide Grade IC907 for SUMOCHAM Drilling Heads   10/2013
046 ISCAR is introducing COMBICHAM - Large diameter (26-50 mm) indexable drills with an interchangeable pilot drilling head and one flat shank 10/2013
052 New Taps - Each Useful for Variety of Materials 12/2013
056 MM ECS-B. Interchangeable Solid Carbide Centering and Chamfering Drills 12/2013

TOOLHOLDERS Title Version Available Movie Date
033 Expanded Boring Diameter Range of the Large Diameter ITSBORE Heads 09/2013
035 CAMFIX Female Connections Modular System 09/2013
060 Hydraulic Chuck and Weldon Side-Lock Combinations for Ultimate Clamping Security 05/2013
063 HSK FM80… Tapered Shanks for MAKINO HSM Machine Models MAG Series A for Machining Aluminum 10/2013

MILLING Title Version Available Movie Date
001 Expansion of the MILLTHREAD Line
002 EC-H5M-CFR Variable 5 Helix and CHATTERFREE Endmills  
003 Expansion of the HELIDO H490-17 Family
006 New HELITANG T490 Chip Splitting Inserts
007 Expansion of the MINI-TANGSLOT Cutter Family
008 A New Combination of FEEDMILL for HELIDO H490-09 Insert
009 Expansion of HELITANG T490 Extended Flute Cutters  
010 HELITANG T490 Inserts for Ramping Down Applications
011 Expansion of the HELI2000 Family
012 SUMOMILL T290 Extended Flute Shell Mill Cutter
013 FF SOF - A New Economical Solution for High Feed Milling Applications  
014 HELIDO H490 75° Face Mill
015 Expansion of HELIDO H490 Extended Flute Cutters
016 Expansion of HELITANG T490 Line  
017 MINI-TANGSLOT Family Expanded with New Shank-Type Grooving and Slitting Cutters  
026 A New Family of Face Mills for a Wide Range of Applications  
027 Moderate Feed Endmills Carrying Double-Sided Inserts with 6 Cutting Edges  
028 P290 - New 90° Shred Milling Tools  
029 HELIMILL Cutters Carrying Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges  
030 A New Rough Milling Insert for E90CN Tools
031 New HELI2000 CHATTERFREE Insert  
033 SOF45…-R26 New Versatile Tools for Productive Heavy-Duty Face Milling  
034 Double-Sided Profiling Inserts with Six 6 mm Corner Radii  
040 New Heavy Duty 90° Face Mills Carrying 22 mm Tangentially Clamped Inserts
041 Following market demand, ISCAR is further expanding the family of extended flute cutters by adding three conical tools with 30, 45 and 60° approach angles.
042 Heavy Duty 65° Face Mills with Tangentially Clamped Inserts  
043 New HELIALU HSM90S-14 Tools for High Speed Milling of Aluminum  

TOOLHOLDING SYSTEMS Title Version Available Movie Date
004 New Toolholders for Turning Tools with HSK A100WH Shanks
005 Expansion of the MB with CAMFIX ITSBORE Adapters
019 Long Tapered Shanks with Face Contact
021 New MB Modular Boring System Connections with Caterpillar Tapered Shanks
035 Hydraulic Chuck and Weldon Side-Lock Combinations for Ultimate Clamping Security

HOLE MAKING Title Version Available Movie Date
018 Flat SUMOCHAM Drilling Heads  
022 New SUMOCHAM Drills in a Diameter Range of 6.0 to 6.9 mm  
032 DCNS - New Modular Drills for CHAMRING Holders  

TURNING Title Version Available Movie Date
038 ECO Type. Small Size Cost Saving Inserts  

FACE GROOVING Title Version Available Movie Date
024 Tangentially Clamped Single-Ended Inserts for Face Grooving  
025 PENTA 34F RS/LS Inserts for Face Grooving and Recessing Along Shafts  

PARTING Title Version Available Movie Date
036 Pentagonal Parting and Grooving Inserts for up to 20 mm (.787”) D.O.C.  

GROOVE-TURN Title Version Available Movie Date
020 Expansion of GEHIR/L Boring Bars Family for GEPI/GEMI Inserts  
023 MODULAR-GRIP Adapters for High Pressure Coolant Makes the Difference  
037 GEHSR\L-SL New Grooving and Turning Tools with a User-Friendly Side Clamping Mechanism  
039 PENTACUT 24 RS/LS for Grooving Next to Shoulders  

Main Photography - ISCAR Ltd. Additional Photography - Warhaftig Venezian.