Page 11 - EthicsCode
P. 11

IMC                     E	 Uniform Global Compliance

INT’L METALWORKING CO.       1	 Trade Controls
                             As a multinational group with business activities in various global markets, our IMC Members are
                             required to acknowledge, to investigate and to take responsibility for completely obeying relevant
                             laws and regulations, in letter and in spirit.

                             Our managers are not expected to possess knowledge of every legal measure, but they are
                             expected to exercise reasonable care and to consult the Compliance team in cases of need or
                             ambiguity. In some cases, investigation and consultation is required on relevant trade related
                             controls. These may be regulations in the IMC Member’s places of business, in the United States
                             and/or in the relevant business partner’s place of business.

                             Each IMC Member should diligently follow the prescribed process for reviews, inspections, permits,
                             licenses, approvals and/or authorizations, including without limitation import and export related
                             prohibitions, customs regulations, tax regulations and any such other instructions of trade controls.

                        IMC Participation in International Exhibitions

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