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IMC                     2	 Foreign Policy Sanctions
                             IMC Members should observe the applicable local laws, UN resolutions and United States
INT’L METALWORKING CO.       trade sanctions, as may be issued, updated and/or revoked from time to time and published
                             regardless of whether online or in print.

                             Current United States sanction programs are listed online at:

                             IMC Members should consult the IMC Compliance team where a concern is raised regarding

                             In accordance with the sanction programs currently in place, IMC Members will completely
                             refrain from conducting any business interaction with any entity operating in, from or under the
                             auspice of: Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria, in addition to any restrictions according to local

                             Furthermore, IMC Members will conduct due-diligence measures and appropriate investigation
                             before engaging with a third party, to make sure that they are not sanctioned or affiliated with
                             anyone/ any entity who is sanctioned.

                             Management will continuously monitor available publications at all times in order to keep
                             updated and ensure awareness of any applicable anti-terrorism, boycott, property block,
                             transaction prohibition or other foreign trade sanction measures.

                        IMC Hanjin Warehouse in Seoul

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