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Face Turning - Grooving Applications

ISCAR is introducing a new line of tools and inserts - TANG-GRIP tangentially clamped single-ended inserts for face grooving. This new line includes single- and double-ended blades and inserts in 3 and 4 mm widths, in the most advanced IC808 SUMO TEC grade.
In addition, ISCAR's precision tooling revolution includes HELIFACE, the versatile screw-clamped insert system that provides a complete solution for face grooving and face turning.
The HELIFACE chipformers were designed for optimal chip evacuation in face grooving, resulting in improved, trouble-free performance. Four types of adapters can be mounted on the same toolholder. External and internal face grooving and turning are possible with no limitation to widening the grooves after the initial pass. HELIFACE inserts feature twisted double-ended geometries for depth penetration greater than the insert length.

ISCAR has also introduced many new items for face grooving operations, such as PENTA face, MINCUT and PICCO.

- MINCUT Inserts for Face Grooving and Turning Next to Long Shafts

- HFPN 2 mm Face Grooving and Turning Insert

- TANG-GRIP Tangentially Clamped Single-Ended Inserts for Face Grooving

- The Twisted Insert

- Double-ended Deep Machining Inserts

- Face Machining Guide - Tool Selection

- Face Machining Guide - Tool Adjustment

- Insert Replacement

- Semi-standard Face Grooving and Undercutting Tools

- Exchangeable Heads

- Basic Parameters for HELIFACE Tool Choice

- A Variety of Inserts for Face Machining Applications

- Small Diameter Face Machining Systems

- Medium Diameter Face Machining Systems

- Large Diameter Face Machining Systems

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