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NPA 25/2021 INCH

New MULTI-MASTER Flat Drill Heads Open New Horizons With More New Geometries and More Capabilities


ISCAR expands the MULTI-MASTER family by introducing new exchangeable solid carbide flat drill heads.

The new designated MM ECDF heads have 2 cutting edges and are available in a nominal diameter of .315-.787”. The heads have a sharp corner, intended for shallow drilling operations.
Drilling capabilities extend up to 1.2xD with a diameter tolerance of DC h7.

The advantageous combination of different MM shanks geometries and shank materials significantly improve tool dynamic behavior and ensure stable cutting in various drilling applications even under unfavorable machining conditions.

The new MM ECDF… heads are designed specifically for machining steel, cast iron and stainless steel (ISCAR material groups 1-20).

The new heads are available in IC908 carbide grade.

Recommended Cutting Data when Drilling Blind Holes with Depth up to 1.2 Head Diameter

The above cutting table illustrates drilling on a flat surface.

Adjust drilling conditions according to the rigidity of the machine or work clamp status.
These table values are for drilling with water soluble cutting fluid.
The table with the head dimensions below specifies the range of feed per revolution.

For Through Holes Drilling
Reduce drilling conditions by 50% for the final 10% stage of material removal.

Slant Face Drilling
  • For drilling holes on a slant face, adjust the feed rate in accordance with the inclination angle.
  • When the inclination angle ß is 30° or less, reduce the feed rate by at least 30% as a guideline for performing this operation.
  • When the inclination angle ß is greater than 45°, reduce the feed rate by at least 50%.

MULTI-MASTER Exchangeable Solid Carbide Flat Drill Heads
• Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection.
(1) Number of flutes

* Optional, should be ordered separately

The NPA25-2021's inch pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)