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NPA 18/2021 INCH

New MultiMaster Short ER32 Integral Collets with New Coolant Options Intended for Lathes and Swiss Type Machines.

ER32 Integral Collet

ISCAR Expands the MULTI-MASTER family by introducing new Short ER32 Integral Collets with 3- internal coolant channels, for lathes and Swiss Type Machines.

The new collets have a .16” overhang and 3 coolant channels assuring accurate flow directed to the cutting edge. The new collets are available with the standard MULTI-MASTER T05, T06, T08, T10, T12 & T15 thread connections.

The new shanks provide highly rigid clamping for MULTI-MASTER milling heads, as they are connected to the machine tool spindle without adapters. The new ER shanks and the large assortment of MULTI-MASTER heads open the door for new oppurtunties.

We believe that introducing new MM ER… shanks will provide more applications and will contribute to advancing MULTI-MASTER products in your market.

Shanks for MULTI-MASTER Solid Carbide Heads with an ER Collet Adaptation and Coolant Holes
• Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection.

The NPA18 INCH -2021's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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