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Large Diameter Drilling

ISCAR is introducing the CHAM IQDRILL drill family for the drilling range of 33 to 40 mm with 1.5, 3, 5 and 8 length to diameter ratios.

The CHAM IQDRILL features a unique design, utilizing the carbide flexibility for self-locking; eliminating the need for clamping accessories. The robust structure of the drill with the concave cutting edge design enables drilling at high feed rate, providing very accurate IT8 – IT9 hole tolerance.
The new design body is produced from special steel for high durability and a special stopper prevents the drilling head from being extracted upwards from the pocket. Long stoppers provide high resistance to cutting forces, enabling applications under very high cutting conditions.
High flute helix and polished flute surfaces provide a smooth and easy chip evacuation process.
An internal coolant supply provides efficient cooling and lubrication during the drilling process.
The HFP-IQ Drilling Heads have unique self-centering geometry enables using up to 8xD long overhang without the need for a pilot hole operation

Heads varieties

1.5xD Holders varieties

3xD Holders varieties

5xD Holders varieties

8xD Holders varieties

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