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ISCAR is introducing COMBICHAM - Large diameter indexable drills with an integral pilot drilling head and one flat shank.

The drill provides an excellent solution for drilling 26-50 mm diameter holes in a drilling depth of up to 8xD. The COMBICHAM features a pilot SUMOCHAM drilling head and standard SOGX/SOGT square inserts in various sizes, made from IC808 SUMO TEC PVD coated grade.

As the drill is fully effective, it enables high feed drilling, providing high drilling rates, and high accuracy and surface finish.

The COMBICHAM is compatible with MQL coolant type and features two peripheral coolant nozzles to provide high coolant flow directly to the cutting zone. The precise ground self-centering geometry of the leading SUMOCHAM head provides high penetration rates and eliminates the need for making a pre-hole prior to using the COMBICHAM.

For more information about the COMBICHAM 5D, click here.

For more information about the COMBICHAM 7/8D, click here.