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ISCAR Solid Carbide drill

The assortment of ISCAR'S solid carbide drills has been expanded to provide full solid drill solutions in all types of applications.

The SCD…N (3XD-8XD) drills for general purpose holemaking were designed for improved drilling stability due to their optimized cutting edges. A sharp straight cutting edge with precise web thinning generates low cutting forces and excellent self-centering capability for higher hole accuracy.


The SCD…SXC (16XD-50XD) are the extra-long solid carbide drills with a dedicated point angle for superior drilling penetration and accuracy, double margin design for improved stability and surface finish, polished and enlarged flutes for optimal chip evacuation, and direct coolant nozzle to the cutting edge to achieve maximum tool life.

SCD-SXC16 (16XD)
SCD-SXC20 (20XD)
SCD-SXC30 (30XD)
SCD-SXC40 (40XD)
SCD-SXC50 (50XD)

The SCCD…N (3XD-5D) is the new 3 flute solid carbide drills with a unique geometry design which significantly improves productivity and machining stability under high cutting conditions.


The SCD…AP4/AP6 micro drill with no coolant holes is intended for very machining small diameters featured by a 30° spiral flute helix, submicron substrate and reinforced web thickness for superior rigidity, multiplayer TiAlN PVD coating and special edge preparation for smoother cuts while ensuring process reliability and increased tool life.

SCD-AP4 (4xD)
SCD-AP6 (6xD)

The SCD…CVD/WPCD/FNPCD new drill design for composite materials features a unique design for optimal performance in all types of composite materials and promise high wear resistance.

SCD-CVD Solid carbide drills with CVD Diamond-Coated
SCD-WPCD Solid carbide drills with PCD (Wafer)
SCD-FNPCD Solid Carbide Drills with PCD (Full Nib)

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