• Aerospace
      • Titanium Blisk
      • Inconel Blisk
      • Jet Engine Case
      • Landing Gear - Main Fitting
      • Landing Gear - Torque Link
      • Jet Engine Blade
    • Medical
      • Dental Screw
      • Hip Joint - Head
      • Hip Joint- Shell
      • Hip Joint- Stem
      • Bone Plate
      • Knee Joint - Tibial
      • Knee Joint - Spacer
      • Knee Joint - Femoral
      • Monoaxial Bone Screw
    • Automotive
      • Connecting Rod
      • Aluminum Wheels
      • Turbo Charger
      • Brake Caliper
      • Crankshaft
      • Cylinder Head
      • Cylinder Block
      • Differential Housing
      • Cylinder Head - Cast Iron
      • Tow bar
      • Brake Caliper Bracket
      • Steering Knuckle
      • Rear Knuckle
      • Electric Car Battery Case
      • Electric Car Motor Housing
    • Bearing
      • Ball Bearing - Outer Ring
      • Ball Bearing - Inner Ring
      • Blade Bearing
    • Railway
      • New Wheel
      • Re-New Wheel
      • Axie Shaft
      • Rail Tracks -Slide Plate
      • Switcher
      • Connecting Link
      • Bogie Frame
      • Connecting link Type 60E1
    • Oil & Gas
      • Rock Bits
      • Pipe and Coupling Sleeves Onshore Parts
      • Pressure Valve
      • Frac Pump
      • Wellheads
    • MTB
      • Lathe Machines
      • Multi-Spindle Milling Machine
      • Machine Centers
      • Swiss type / Automatic Machines
      • Multi-Tasking Machines
      • Multi-Spindle Turning Machines
      • Transfer Line Machines
      • Vertical Multi-Tasking Machines
    • Wind Energy
      • Rotor Blade
      • Blade Adapter
      • Blade Bearing
      • Rotor Hub
      • Bearing Housing
      • Main Shaft
      • Gear Sub Parts
      • Planetary Carrier
      • Support Base
      • Yaw Rings
      • Tower Flange
    • Power Generation
      • Kaplan Blade
      • Gas & Steam - Turbine Rotor Shaft
    • Off Road
      • Boom
      • H-Links
      • Main Frame
      • Bucket Link
      • Connecting Dipper
      • Loader Frame
    • Die & Mold
      • Extrusion Die
      • Mold Base
    • General Engineering
      • Blades Method
      • Radial Rotary Method
      • Planetary Movement Method
      • Solid Bar Planetary Movement
      • Slitting Plates
      • Slitting Solid Bar
      • Heavy Duty Face Milling

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    Power Generation

    ISCAR, A World Leader in the Renewable Energies Industry Renewable Energy is collected from clean resources that are naturally replenished on a human time scale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Hydro Power is power derived from the energy of falling water or fast running water, which can be harnessed for useful purposes. ISCAR, a company with many years of experience in the production of metal cutting tools, offers unique solutions for the new generation of industries. As a leader in providing productive and cost effective machining solutions, ISCAR strives to be up to date with all the new trends and technologies which are a part of a brighter, greener future. A heat exchanger is a system used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. Heat exchangers are used in both cooling and heating processes. The fluids may be separated by a solid wall to prevent mixing, or they may be in direct contact. Both gasses and fluids can be transferred through heat exchangers. There are three main types of heat exchangers; shell & tube, plate & frame, and air-cooled. Heat exchangers are critical in modern industries such as automotive, aerospace, and power. Many engineering resources are required to create optimal heat exchanging solutions for industrial demands. Advanced designs of heat exchangers are examined by using finite element methods. ISCAR has developed a range of full solutions for the production of heat exchangers for drilling, turning, milling, and grooving operations.

    Kaplan Blade

    Gas & Steam - Turbine Rotor Shaft

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