NPA 8/2021 INCH

    Expanding the PENTACUT Line with New Inserts and Tools


    ISCAR is expanding the PENTACUT Line by adding:
    • PENTA 17 ... new SP (Super Positive) chipformer
    • PENTA 17 JET CUT toolholders in shank sizes of .393”-.984”
    • PENTA 17 JET CUT adapters
    • PENTA 17R\L...6D/15D for Parting
    • PENTA 27 new blanks with .393” and .590” widths for wide profiles
    • PENTA 24 inserts with IC1010 grade .059”/ .078”/ .118” neutral version types

    Products and Features
    • PENTA 17 ... with the new SP chipformer is intended for machining soft materials and stainless steel.
      The 18° positive rake angle of the insert assures low cutting forces and provides easy chip breaking for low feed rates from .00078-.0023 IPR.
      The inserts are available in sizes .011”/ .019”/ .031”/ .039”.

    • JETCUT square shank toolholder for PENTA 17 inserts are designed to provide high-pressure coolant of up to 4930 PSI.
      The tools have 3 coolant inlets that enable several connection options and two outlets to cool the insert from the top and bottom in the most efficient way.
      The tools are available in .393”-.984”.

    • New PCADRS/LS adapters for PENTA 17 inserts are designed to provide high-pressure coolant of up to 4930 PSI. These adapters have 2 coolant outlets from the top and bottom of the tool pocket which enable efficient flow of the coolant.
      The adapters fit standard MAHR/L and MAHPR/L tools.

    • PENTA 17R\L...6D/15D lead angle cutting edge inserts were designed for Parting when minimum burr size is needed. Offered with 6° and 15° lead angles.
      The inserts are available in sizes .039”\.059” and .078”.

    • PENTA 27 new blanks with .393” and .590” widths were added to ISCAR’s wide PENTA 27-20FT blank (.787” width). These new blanks can be ground to special wide profiles that assure an economical price per cutting edge based on the 5 cutting edge feature. These insert blanks are intended for shallow profiling and grooving depth for square type holders PCHR\L...-27-10\15\20.

    • PENTA 24 popular size inserts in IC1010 grade.
      Due to the positive sales growth of the TANG-GRIP and DO-GRIP inserts grade IC1010, this phenomenal grade has been added to the PENTA 24 line. Available in .059”, .078”, .118” widths.

    Grade Features
    • TiAlN coating overlays the sub-micron IC08 grade
    • Recommended for general parting and grooving applications at medium to high cutting speeds and low to medium feeds
    • Toughness advantages compared to grades IC908 and IC808
    • The cutting parameters are the same compared to grade IC808

    Tools Carrying Inserts with 5 Cutting Edges for Shallow Profiling Next to High Shoulders
    • Use right-hand inserts on right-hand tools and vice versa

    Adapters with High-Pressure Coolant Holes for PENTACUT 17
    • CDX and CUTDIA according to insert limitation
    (1) Minimum cutting width
    (2) Maximum cutting width
    (3) Maximum overhang

    PENTA 17R/L-P-RS
    Lead Angle Edge Pentagonal Inserts (5 edges) for Parting Miniature Parts
    For PCHRS-17

    Pentagonal Inserts (5 edges) with a High Positive Rake for Parting Soft Materials

    Tools Carrying Pentagonal Wide Inserts for Specially Tailored Profiles

    PENTAS 27 blanks
    Blank Insert with 5 Wide Cutting Edges for the Production of Special Profile Contours

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