In addition to standard drilling applications,the revolutionary self-clamping CHAMDRILL mechanism is an excellent solution for special drilling requirements. Pre-thread hole drilling is very popular in many industries. Available are drills designed for M8 to M24 ISO M standard pre-thread holes.

    The new DCT drills carry two standard chamfering inserts designated AOMT 060204-45DT IC508, symmetrically mounted and cutting forces are balanced for optimal performance. This feature is essential in through hole applications.

    Counter boring may be performed, however it is limited to a 6 mm depth.

    Unique Chamfering Inserts
    The AOMT 060204-45DT IC508 chamfering inserts were designed for chamfering and counter boring on a wide range of materials with optimal chip formation. The insert has an IC08 submicron substrate and is TiCN +TiN PVD coated.

    New CHAMDRILL 6.8 mm Pocket Size 
    In order to be able to drill the pre-thread hole for the popular M8 thread size, a new 6.8 mm pocket was designed. This pocket can carry a range of drilling heads from 6.8 to 7.49 mm.

    This provides a substantial advantage for users who change drills for the same tap operation. The user can use the same DCT drill for ISO M (coarse pitch thread) and for ISO MF (fine pitch thread).

    Machining Recommendations
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