Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness in High Feed Milling


    NEOFEED, a family of milling cutters carrying indexable square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges, provides an advantageous tool for productive and cost-efficient rough machining. The cutters are available in two design configurations that differ in tool cutting edge angles:

    • High feed milling cutters with a 12° cutting edge angle.
    • Moderate feed milling cutters with a 22.5° cutting edge angle.

    The high feed milling (HFM) cutters are intended for machining with extremely high feed per tooth at shallow depths of cut, while the moderate feed milling cutters are applied when machining up to a twofold depth with lower feed. Moderate feed is less than HFM, but still very common.

    When mounted on a NEOFEED mill, the square double-sided insert enables a positive tool rake angle to ensure smooth cutting and reduce cutting forces and power consumption. The insert pocket has a dovetail shape that provides rigid and reliable insert clamping, protects the insert from disengaging, and improves the mill capability to withstand against heavy load.

    The mentioned features result in increasing cutting data for better productivity and in improving tool life.

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