Die and Mold

    For ISCAR, as for any cutting tool manufacturer, die and mold making is a highly important customer segment. This industrial branch not only consumes more and more tools but constantly puts forward new demands, which have a significant impact on advances in cutting tools. These demands are typical for every metalworking sector: the customer is always interested in more productive, reliable, and accurate tools. However, specific features of die and mold manufacturing necessitate special design considerations beyond the general requirements. Materials, machined shapes, and machining strategies are three distinctive hallmarks of die and mold making, and have a substantial influence on cutting tool demands. According to ISCAR, only a holistic tool development concept based on these features, combined with integration of Industry 4.0-inspired digitalization developments, will lead to successful solutions for the die & mold sector. ISCAR, a leading cutting tool producer, has cooperated successfully with the die & mold industry over the years, and constantly improves its solutions for die and mold manufacturing by introducing new products and upgrading the existing ones, as well as providing complex tooling projects and consultations.

    Extrusion Die

    Mold Base

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