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    ISCAR JETCUT tools offer the ultimate solution for utilizing high pressure coolant (HPC) in a multitude of turning operations.
    With the availability of high speed machines which offer standard or optional 70-bar coolant systems and through-spindle delivery, HPC technology has grown much more accessible and ISCAR provides hundreds of special HPC turning tools for a wide range of applications.
    HPC has proven itself in dedicated turning applications on difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and Inconel, at removal rates of up to three times more than that of the conventional flood coolant system. Users report elimination of chip jamming, faster cutting and much longer edge life in outer and inner diameter turning as well as grooving, parting and hole making. The advantages of ISCAR’s JETCUT line are also noticeable when machining steel parts, where the chips are more manageable and insert life is significantly improved.

    The coolant is delivered with enough force and fast enough to reach the cutting zone as a liquid, not a vapor. In the liquid phase, it lubricates the cutting process, as it quenches the molten chip, shattering it into smaller, more manageable pieces. Also, because of its internal flow path, HPC keeps the tool, insert and workpiece cooler, leading to longer tool and equipment life.

    Another benefit is that delivering coolant close to the shear zone improves machineability of the material under high speed conditions. Higher pressure coolant, directed right at the cutting zone, creates smaller chips, whether the material is titanium, Inconel or steel.

    ISCAR JETCUT tools are designed to operate at extreme pressure and high cutting rates. They deliver a higher performance level than their conventional internal coolant counterparts made for lower pressure service. This additional benefit is provided when using the JETCUT line also with conventional machine pressure.

    The jet high pressure (JHP) cooling option is designed with a lever clamping mechanism, as an upper clamp would obstruct the coolant jet from reaching the cutting edge.
    The design integrates the JETRTURN hollow rigid clamp, which allows JHP coolant to reach the cutting edge without any obstacles.

    The rigid clamp is a strong and reliable clamping mechanism that provides excellent performance, even during heavy and interrupted cut machining.

    The external tools feature three coolant connection options:
    JETCUT Line - MODULAR-GRIP Adapters for High Pressure Coolant Make the Difference
    JETCUT Line - Turning Tools for High Pressure Coolant
    JETCUT Line - ISO Turn

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