Small Part Machining

    Technological advances in machine tool engineering have brought new opportunities to manufacturing and resulted in rethinking the manufacturing of various components, particularly small-size parts. Multi-tasking machines and driven-tool lathes enable different types of cutting operations to be performed on one machine. It was a significant step to enable the machining of a whole part in a single setup, which is especially relevant for producing small-size components where the cycle time is small.

    ISCAR provides a wide range of products intended for highly efficient small-size part production on multi-tasking machines and driven-tool lathes. In addition to the traditionally used solid carbide tools, these solutions incorporate tools with a replaceable cutting head concept.

    The tools with replaceable heads include families for milling (right shoulder, plane surfaces, slots and grooves, splines etc.) and hole-making (drilling, countersinking). Based on the original design principles of ISCAR’s MULTI-MASTER and CHAMDRILL lines, the tools feature the “no setup time” principle, i.e. replacing a worn head does not require additional setup operations.