The railway industry is one of the main consumers of cutting tools and ISCAR is increasing its role as a supplier of complex projects for this key sector.
    These incorporate essential elements to fulfil the need for layout solutions, efficient productivity, and a reduction in machining time and costs – all demanding a large variety of both standard and tailor-made solutions. Machining railway parts represents a challenge for manufacturers and cutting tool producers alike, who must contend with a host of constraints - such as the relatively large workpieces, complex structures, and complicated final machined profile - along with the need to remove a large volume of material, ensure predictable tool life, and avoid high maintenance costs. The railway industry has played an important role in the past two decades becoming one of the leading means of transportation for freight and passengers. Ongoing investments in modern railway track infrastructure has opened a new edge to high-speed transportation mobility.
    In addition, the environmental advantages offered in railway transportation is expanding railway traffic awareness. To keep up with the growing demands in this heavy metalworking industry, ISCAR has developed special machining expertise for railway components with innovative cutting tools and robust carbide grades.

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