MTB - Machine Tool Builders

    As a world leader in cutting tools and related accessories, ISCAR supplies complete assemblies of rotating tools for complex turnkey projects. ISCAR MTB specialists work in constant cooperation with MTB companies involved in the management of large turnkey projects, in order to study and interpret customer needs and provide appropriate and effective solutions. These comprehensive schemes save time and cut down on the workforce required for start-up procedures, especially for larger projects. Each proposed turnkey package integrates distinctive features to maximize efficiency and simplify project implementation. Successful cooperation between ISCAR and leading machine tool builders of multiple, large and complex projects throughout the world, illustrates the efficiency of the company’s highly evolved methodologies for maximizing productivity and effectiveness in turnkey projects.

    Lathe Machines

    Multi-Spindle Milling Machine

    Machine Centers

    Swiss type / Automatic Machines

    Multi-Tasking Machines

    Multi-Spindle Turning Machines

    Transfer Line Machines

    Vertical Multi-Tasking Machines

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