Bearings are necessary for almost any mechanical system and other machining elements that require rotational movement. Bearing sizes can vary from 2 mm, or .08 inches, for electronic systems to 7000 mm or 275 inches for wind turbine towers. ISCAR provides complete solutions for machining all types of bearing rings in all sizes for ball bearings, roller bearings, spherical, needle, thrust, tapper, and linear bearings, and bearing housings. ISCAR supports any bearing design with advanced machining solutions that ensure maximum performance, efficiency, and preciseness. Most of the small to medium size bearing rings are produced in mass production methods in transfer lines, on single-task machines which are able to perform one operation at a time on the machined ring and few machines of this type are needed to complete an entire part. ISCAR has the knowledge and experience in providing comprehensive solutions for a variety of bearing ring related applications with very efficient tools for parting, grooving, trepanning, profiling, and turning operations. ISCAR’s advanced carbide grades enable extended and stable tool life for long runs on 100Cr6, the most popular bearing steel. Multi-corner inserts ensure attractive and low cost per cutting edge.

    Ball Bearing - Outer Ring

    Ball Bearing - Inner Ring

    Blade Bearing

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